Kitchener Convergence Repair

In-Home TV Service
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Portable Projector Service
On Site Lamp Service
Estimate for Repair - Portable Projector
Bench Repairs - Portable Video Data Projectors
Ship In Lamp Change, Cleaning and Reset

LCD/Plasma Flat Panel TV Repair 40 + Inches
Plasma LCD TV Repair

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DLP/LCD TV Rear Projection Lamps and Service
Bulb or Lamp Installation
Bulb or Lamp Failure
SAMSUNG Color Wheel

SAMSUNG Light Tunnel
Estimate or Minor Repair

Toshiba Color Wheel Installation

Convergence Repair - RPTV
Visible Convergence Fault
Convergence Fault Visible Before No-Picture Condition

Rear Projection TV - 3 tube CRT
Dead - No Picture RPTV
Distorted Image - Poor Color RPTV
CRT Failure RPTV
Estimate or Minor Repair

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