Kitchener  Toshiba  Y196-LMP  for  Y196-LMP Bare Bulb DLP LCD Replacement TV Lamp Purchase

Toshiba  Y196-LMP  for  Y196-LMP Bare Bulb DLP LCD Replacement TV Lamp Purchase

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Toshiba Bare Bulbs

$209 + gst

Common Symptoms of a Weak Toshiba Projector Bulb are:

  1. Dim image with low brightness and contrast.
  2. No Picture, Dark Screen.
  3. Shadows in Image, sometimes circular
  4. Intermittent Shutdown.
  5. Fluctuating or Flashing Brightness.
  6. Longer than Normal starting time.
  7. Popping Sound, Then no picture.
  8. Won't Start, Blinking Lights.
  9. Raster Tinted, Poor White Balance

Toshiba LCD TV Projector Model numbers are listed in the Gallery below Lamp Part numbers

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Bulb requires installation in Cage Assembly

Toshiba Cage Assembly

$269 + gst

Select your TOSHIBA Rear Projection TV model or lamp number in the Gallery for:

  • Complete Lamp Assembly
  • Replacement Bulb Only
  • Bulb Supply and Installation service
    ($249 or $269 Cost for technician to install a TV bulb in your home. Similar to the cost of a complete lamp assembly including delivery)
    TV Bulb In Home Replacement and Installation
     is available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, London and Toronto Service Area

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Also known as:Y-67, 72514011

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Replacement Bulb
$209.00 + gst, Express Shipping Included

Bulb requires installation in Cage Assembly

Complete Lamp Assembly $269.00 + gst, Express Shipping Included

Also known as:Y-67, 72514011
(888) 625-2488
Kitchener DLP LCD Lamp Purchase

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